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a sweet birthday message (but so comical)

one of the sweetest birthday messages.
written by my cousin in Korea whom I visited last March.
she sent this to me via her dad’s (my uncle’s) Facebook yesterday. 

Oh my cousin sister Jinyeong! March 1st is your birthday~In Korea, it’s a commemoration day. I think that you’re blessing woman. What will you get gift? Maybe opening gift is throb!!

When will you come here? We miss you after you left here. I want to meet every member of big house.
Probably my letter is loose, undeestand me.
And today, you should express your appreciation to big mother. She take care of you about 10month in her abdomen. 
Ah…I have to go to bed now. My cousin sister Jinyeong!


(translation: “Big Mother” translates in Korean to “Keun Umma” which means aunt—wife of my cousin’s dad’s older brother

"Big House" translates in Korean to "Keun Jib" which means house of cousin’s dad’s older brother’s family)

  1. joekang said: if you said cousin in america i would have believed you. shhhhh! dont tell her i said that
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